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January 8, 2012

2011: In The Rear View Mirror

2011- a year full of change and ups and downs and everything in between!
January 2011- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Got a kiss at midnight from my hubby! <3 Celebrated our 5th year of marriage!

February 2011- Preached my first sermon AND  was asked to do another :)

March 2011- My BABY sister became a teenager!  Happy Birthday ButtChin, Nicole.  My Grandma Lane celebrates another Birthday in her 80s.

April 2011- Brian's brother encourages him to head to North Dakota to work...I discourage him because it is "just too far".

May 2011- Lupus Awareness Month! Preach sermon #2 AND was asked to do another.

June 2011- Brian's 33rd birthday, My 28th birthday and my Little Sisters wedding day <3. Preached my 3rd and final sermon in Wisconsin.

July 2011- Announce in both churches and on Facebook that we are moving to North Dakota...This blog starts.  My Grandma Lane breaks her hip and has a successful surgery  July 21st Brian leaves for Williston North Dakota.  July 22nd the RV is packed and with help from family I am on my way to see Brian!

August 2011- Find a church who needed us as much as we needed them!  I was asked to preach and Brian to play.  Grandma Lane has another surgery on her hip...comes out OK in the end! Brian starts work in the Oil Field!  10 year class reunion, I am sorry I had to miss it.

September 2011- Grandma Lane gets the "OK" to leave the nursing home.  My dad is the BIG five-one! My in-laws bring my car to us! Brian finishes! Preaching again.

October 2011- Started my first North Dakota job. Grandma Lane is HOME! Met my new doctor, he has plans for me that don't involve Prednisone! We anticipate a cold winter and buy a 100lb LP tank for the RV. October 18th my fist date with Brian 8years ago!

November 2011- First snow of the year, just a dusting. Windows wrapped and skirting on the RV.  Went home for Turkey Day, surprised my family who didn't know we would be there...poor dad cried!  Visited Brian's family too.  The trip was sort lived but WORTH it! Start a new job after the fist doesn't work out.

December 2011- Brian helps train a new driver. Constant 40+* days with no snow.  Was asked to preach the first sermon of the new year. Christmas wasn't the same without family...and snow but Brian and I had a good time at church and got a ham dinner with the Pastor and his wife. New baby born in to the Ford Family.

Just remember......People will forget what U said, people will forget what U did, but people will never forget how U made them feel -Maya Angelou

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