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December 3, 2011

Our Adventure Grows On....

Since the last time I wrote so much has happened....

  • I started a new job.
    • I am a cashier/receptionist at a car dealership.  Been there about 3 weeks.
  • Thanksgiving
    • Brian and I were lucky and blessed enough to get to go home for the holiday!  We surprised our families--there were tears--and it was hard to go home.  We don't know the next time we will be home but are hoping that Mom and Dad Nelson, Baby Sister Nelson, Little Sister Nelson and   J-Dork Nelson can meet us at Yellow Stone/Glacier National Park for a summer vacation...If not Brian wants to take me to Paris or Rome or on an Alaskan Cruise.....
I love my dreamer! He wants me to have moon and the stars!!
  • Brian and I, as well as the church we attend were featured in the United Methodist Reporter 
  • My car is broken!
    • Monday morning, after we came home from Thanksgiving in Wisconsin, I got in my car to head to work...and I had no gas, I found this weird because I had put $20.00 worth in that afternoon on my lunch break.  'Fantastic!' I think, 'Someone stole my gas!' Thankfully the van had a full tank from the trip.  After I get to work I called Brian and told him.  I removed my 'jumping to conclusions' foot from my mouth when I went home for lunch and had the sun to show me the blatant ring under my car--YUP your right my gas had all leaked out! I work for a Chevy dealer ship, and my car is a Ford (lol) but they said they would be willing to look at it and give me an idea of what the problem is (gas line or hole in the tank) and how much it will possibly cost.  The thing is it's a 2000 how much money do you put into a car that is 11 years old, and has it's third transmission, it is a good car! So we will bang it out I suppose... maybe for Christmas I'm getting a gas tank (erg).
  • My phone died!
    • All day Wednesday (11/30) it was acting slow.  And what I have learned about Black Berries is if they are acting stupid pull the battery and start over.  I am sure any tech-y people are freaking out yelling at my stupidity.  We it has worked in the past.  After the battery pull it was doing the load.  After the first try the screen when white and it did the load did this 15 (no lie) time before the screen when white and stayed that way displaying an error message.  Lucky for me that the V-store (was that sneaky enough?) was open.  Brian and I go in and the lady tells me 'this is a problem with Black Berries'. Fantastic!  She called and ordered a replacement.  I told her I wanted it the next day and have them overnight it.  She told the Representative on the phone this and they told me I would have to pay 12.99 for the shipping charge or I could 2 day it and pay only 6.99, sounds like a scam to me. I said fine put it on my bill.  I received an e-mail that had the tracking info.  It told me that the phone wouldn't be at the store till Friday...that isn't "over night'' if you ask me!! So on Friday after work (6:30pm) I head over to the V-store.  The guy at the counter then has the guts to ask me if I was called to come pick up my phone.  I look at him blankly hoping he wants to take the words back before I make him look like a fool.  "No! My phone is dead! You were suppose to call my husband BUT I don't have a way to get a hold of him 'cause my phone is broken." He looked, not very hard. Then informs me it isn't here.  
Me: "Can you call V and ask them where it is? I asked it be over nighted."
Him: "Have you ever over nighted any thing in Williston? --Me: "Yes.  I got it on time."--Him: "Doesn't exist."
Him: "You'll have to call V and ask them to track it with the confirmation number given to you."
I'm half way across the store by now Me: "I wasn't given one."
Him: "Oh, that's right that is for something different....Sorry Hon."  My brain exploded right there and I should have yelled at him for his insincere sexist comment but I just stormed out.  Now by the looks of the e-mail I won't have a phone until Monday night.  And that means....No Facebook, No Twitter, No communication with anyone.  I can't believe how much I miss those "I love you" texts Brian and I would exchange during the day.

Other than all that--Not much has been going on the last 3 weeks.  Hehehe.

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  1. Hi, Im a photographer doing a documentary on people like yourself and your husband. I am in town over the holiday weekend. Are you available to be contacted or would you be willing to meet, possibly tomorrow???
    thanks - Karolina