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July 17, 2012


Aaaaa, We all need time to get away!  Especially my husband!! I could tell this new work scheduled was draining him, BIG TIME!  His body has the clock (for work) of three months on- 9 months off. So when we came to ND and he got a FULL TIME JOB I knew it would only be a matter of time before he would need a 'cool down' time. I am very proud that he made it as long as he did!  In March we started talking about it-- in April we called my Mom, Dad, Baby Sister, Little Sister and J-Dork to invite them along.  (Only Mom and Baby Sister were able to go). We were going to go and see the sights of Glacier National Park and Yellowstone. In the months leading up to your June trip we got busy-busy- busy! Neglectfully didn't hold any room, make reservations for any activities. So when the time came to do this we couldn't find any place to stay (close to) Yellowstone.  "So let's skip it." I said. "And just do Glacier." And that was the new plan.  Got the cabin booked and mentally started vacation.
As the days and weeks past for this 2-week long FUN-cation the more like a 'child waiting for their birthday party to begin' I got.  My Mom was coming to see us and see what life was like here. I couldn't wait!!  The day before she came I emptied the entire RV- vacuumed everything, Fabreze(ed) everything- scrubbed things I didn't even notice were dirty (until I looked at it with a "mother's" eyes, you all know what I'm talking about). I picked them up from the train station and I showed them BOOM-Town. We kept busy loading the Van and giggling and buying last minute essentials waiting for Brian to get home.  He worked late....It was getting dark- like 10pm late.  When he pulled in we were all happy to see him and loaded the last of the Van, potty breaks for everyone and we were OFF!
Yes, we drove through the night...OK, Brian drove through the night- I stayed awake as much as I could. 
At 3am the sun was peeking up over the horizon making the clouds glow and then BAM the snow caped 'mountain majesties'. They were Breath-Taking! We got to the cabin and crashed- time for naps and food all around!
We did so many fantastic and amazing things in Whitefish/Kalispel and in the Park.  

White Water Rafting (Brian picked the small boat, only held 5, it looked like dingy compared to the 16 person ones)

Zip-Lining (to keep my whits for the entire vacation I declined going, Brian, Mom and Baby Sister went) 

Drove the "Road to the Sun" (a MUST for anyone)

Seen the Wild Life (Big Horn Sheep/ Cinnamon Black Bear/Mountain Goats)

Looked at the trees from above (with cloud cover too!)


Ate Out

Enjoyed the Hot Tub (every night)

Don't know what our next big adventure will be but I can't wait to see it!

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