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July 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hello from the great plains of North Dakota!
It was a heck of a drive! 700 miles in 24hours (nap included).  My BIL drove the RV without a single problem (Thanks Eli!).  Brian and I have been alone for a week.  Brian doesn't have a job just yet but the manager of the shop said he could vouch for him getting a position (yippee!)  The only person who can do the interview and first day paperwork is on vacation 'till the 15th of August-so now we wait.  In the meantime we have been 'sight seeing' around our new town.  We found lots of things to do (no money quite yet to do them) and a lot of nice people!  Everyone you talk to for more than 5 minutes hands you a business card (maybe they hand them out at the boarder, lol).  In fact today two young men helped us change the break pads on our van (all they wanted was money for food, we pitched in a little more "J" did a fantastic job!)  The dogs are getting used to the new environment.  I worry about Chance, he isn't eating normally.  I hope it only has to do with nerves and soon goes away.  Princess loves following the sun (which is ALWAYS out here) from window to window taking naps (nothing has changed with her).  Williston (the town where we are) has a Puppy Park.  Brian and I have taken the dogs everyday.  Princess loves the openness for running and Chance (who is normally a big oaf) loves the ramps and tunnels in the agility part.  I still don't have a car so that also means no job. I also get board often siting in the RV when Brian goes out but it is all for a good cause!  I am liking North Dakota very much and can't wait for the opportunitys that can come of this ADVENTURE.  We still don't have a computer so these Blogs will be far and few between but the Library has AC :). 
Until the next time! ~J

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