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July 13, 2011

The Beginning-

The journey of 1-million miles starts with one step.  Oh, and is that true!  

In April my Brother-In-Law Eli called my husband and tells Brian about all the work in North Dakota.  Brian laughs it off.  When he hangs up the phone Brian calls me into the room to tell me about the conversation.

"No. Do you know how far away ND is?" I argued.
"Yes, I don't want to go anyway." Brian says.

I could tell there was something different about this job idea that Eli was feeding Brian.  Eli has called Brian numerous times since we have been married to tell him about job offers and Brian never bites.  Brian is a very independent thinker.  He needs to know EVERYTHING about that something before he feels comfortable enough to even think about the possibility.  What was different?  ND was everywhere!  You couldn't turn around with out bumping into someone who lived/lives or knows someone who lives/lived in ND.  Oh, and the oil fields! Everyone knows someone who is making a killing with an oil company!  From April to May Brian did research, thought, planned and thought some more. (He likes to think).  When he told me he was going to peruse a job as a Tanker Driver for an oil company in ND as much as I hated it I was twice as much behind him.  I KNOW that my husband would do NOTHING to hurt me, himself, our marriage or put our two kids (they are dogs) in risk.  

The job applications are in.  The RV (my castle, yes we will be living in it) is getting tuned up and we are looking into a better car for Brian.  My home is in boxes that will be located in a spare bed room at my In-laws home until we come back.  Maybe 2years maybe 10 only God knows (and probably Brian too).  We are not in ND yet, Brian hopes to head out soon but I will linger till the end of the month to tie up the loose ends.

My husband and I have an amazing journey before us and we are young enough to set-out on this crazy adventure with nothing but hope!

So, here starts my blog.  I hope to be diligent enough to type to you in it everyday or at least when something interesting happens.  The only thing I ask for is prayers!  Prayers for Brian and his work-Prayers that I can find a good job out there too-Prayers for my health ( I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2009)-Prayers for the State of North Dakota and it's oil workers (not everyone likes the idea of drilling).

When we meet again I will be writing to you from the Plains of North Dakota! <3

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