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November 7, 2013

Time After Time

How could have I possibly forgot to write for almost a year?! What a slacker!!

Well, as we approach the holidays I feel it is important for us to remember we are in control of the light we shine.

In our day to day lives it is our responsibility to bloom and shine a positive hope inspiring light.  In past blogs I have wrote about church and God and I feel that it is His light we reflect. With that being said; I know not everyone believes what I do. So no matter what your belief you have a light inside you that needs to be sent out on the world. Be it in a smile, hand shake, "Good morning", holding a door figure it out.

Before Brian and I had made the ultimate decision to go on this Adventure we read horror stories of truck drivers being bullied and killed by people who hated the oil workers. Brian asked me if being hated that much would be worth it. I smiled "Babe, you take your sunshine with you where you go."

I don't always have positive things to say...that's Brian's job. I must have been inspired or had a moment of weakness, that happens sometimes! Ultimately, we wanted to make our Adventure positive and inspiring not only for us but for all the lives we would touch.

Now, let me be the first to say sometimes I am rude, unkind, throw tantrums, roll my eyes, etc...and sometimes I am just the opposite. I think that human emotion I just described is in each of us. It happens and to fix it just go out and make someone smile, do a good deed, Shine! Bloom! Make your Adventure (life) inspiring to all the people you meet!

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